How long does it take to get our Video?


Video editing is a lengthy process which can take up to 4 to even 6 months as we edit and produce all in house and not outsourced.

We're looking for a photographic & videographic style that captures natural, organic moments, not pre-planned or directed. What's your style like?


In the context of capturing natural and unobtrusive moments, the role of the photographer or videographer is to create an environment that allows subjects to feel comfortable and be themselves. This involves using subtle cues, suggestions, and prompts to guide the subjects while maintaining a sense of authenticity and keep it in the moment and most of all, have fun!

Should I hire a Digital Content Creator for my day?


This is an expense you can avoid as at Yervant, our crew captures everything that you will ever need for the memories of your day, utilising highly professional equipment and providing you with professional results.

Are the gallery images edited?


Indeed, we spend considerable time going through the entire shoot to we cull and color correct "edit" the best results for you to enjoy and share.

(It's worth mentioning that there can be misconceptions in the photography industry about the term 'editing', in our case, editing does not include individual Retouching).

What is Retouching?


At Yervant, every image selected for printing, such as for Albums, Prints, and Wall Art, undergoes professional in-house retouching. This process involves manual adjustments to various elements of the photo, including blemish removal, skin toning, object removal/cleanup, colour perfection, TRUE black and white conversion for a timeless look, toning and vignetting techniques, and other artistic modifications aimed at enhancing the overall appearance for the perfect end result.

Additionally, we are renowned for our signature Fine Art editing, which results in timeless 'Statement' pieces that will enrich your home decor and stand the test of time.

Tell me more about your Cinmatography.


OPTIONAL Retouching Examples

Make Up

Black & White